The Birth of the Canadian

In 2014, Canadian tax laws leveled the playing field for small business owners, increasing the tax on non-eligible dividends to make the tax bite between salary and dividends equivalent.

Pension benefits finally

Available to more Canadians

INTEGRIS designed and introduced the Personal Pension Plan™ (PPP®) to the Canadian market about four years ago for self-employed professionals that did not have access to the many benefits offered by pension plans. To qualify for the Personal Pension Plan™ (PPP®), business owners and incorporated professionals must be between 30 and 71 years old and receiving a T4 income.

The Personal Pension Plan™ (PPP®) allows its members to put the largest amount of money permitted by the Income Tax Act in a tax-deferred vehicle to save for their retirement. The INTEGRIS website provides a full list of the benefits allowed within the Personal Pension Plan.

Designed to deliver

Superior Tax Advantages

As a combination registered pension plan under section 147.1 of the Income Tax Act (Canada), the Personal Pension Plan™(PPP®) provides greater flexibility through its uniquely integrated structure.

Defined Benefit Component

  • Current Service & Past Service (Including Qualifying Transfer)
  • Locked-in

Personal Plan Integrated Structure

Additional Voluntary Contributions

  • Not Locked-in
  • Allows transfers-in of of additional RRSP assets in order to tax deduct Investment Mgmt Fees
  • 0% to 17% voluntary employee contributions

Defined Contribution Component

  • 1% of T4 Income
  • Locked-in

Exceeding RRSP

Contribution Limits

Under Canadian tax law, contribution limits to all pension plans, including the Personal Pension Plan™, are more generous than the RRSP limits. This is just one of the many significant pension benefits that are now available to Canadian professionals in the Personal Pension Plan™.

Personal Pension Plan, contribution benefits

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Let us know if you or your financial advisor have any questions on how to realize the full potential of the PPP®.